Trip Activities

Trip Activities

Few of the suggested trip activities include:

Nuturing Touch: This is a delicious sensory journey of loave and care using pepper berries, foot soak, honey, sweet almond oil, yeast powder scrub, milky steam, cheese mud, ginger and vanilla oil.

Trip Activities
Trip Activities

Imperial Health and Spa: This is a unique vapor of oils and top-notch service using traditional Thai soothing signature treatments.

Mantra of Rejuvenation – Detoxifying Myth: This ancient healing technique consists of foot scrub, almond agrape seed oil, mineral water steam, jasmine body scrub and kaffir lime bergamot oil.

Detoxifying Hot Clay Massage: This is a relaxing and rejuvenating method that uses natural plant essences and aromatic oils to entice activate blood circulation, relief fatigue, eliminate toxic wastes, and reduce cellulite build-up.

Mulberry Authentic Thai Treatment: This is an ancient traditional massage with Herbal Compress to tackle muscle tension and relax the body thoroughly.

A Touch of Luxury Package: This includes massage and facial treatment. The reflexology stimulates the immune system Lymphatic drainage improves body metabolism. Oxygen therapy refreshes the body and mind. Hydrotherapy with Thai herbs rejuvenates the body self-healing process. Cleansing and detoxifying therapy relieves tension and headache and also improves skin condition.

Urban Escape Treatment: This is a combination of derma logical body and face therapies to heal tired and stressed muscles.

Spa Programs in Thailand

Slimming, Weight Reduction & Firming with Spa: This new treatment uses acupuncture, bio-energy balancing, natural herbal extracts, diets and exercise.

Cleansing & Detoxifying with Spa Detoxification: Detoxifying meaning “cleansing”, detoxifies the GI tract, skin, liver, gallbladder, lymphatic system, lungs, kidneys and urinary bladder using fasting, herbal detoxification remedies, hydro colonics, energy-balancing and other body treatments.

Relaxing & Anti-Stressing with Spa: This concentrated relaxation program, encourage visitors to lie back, let the stress out and the pleasure in, concentrating on nothing but the pleasant physical sensations. Massage and hydrotherapy encourage the muscles to relax and also increase circulation, improving the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the cells. Oils used during the massages also have physiological and psychological effects, promoting a relaxed body and quiet mind. Some places also have exercise and meditation.

Rejuvenating & Anti-Aging with Spa This program can include exercise, yoga to assist in the flow of body energies, a light, low-fat diet and meditation to encourage proper breathing and re-oxygenation. Oil massages can also develop the system while the massage increases blood flow, bringing oxygen and nutrients to starved cells. Hydrotherapy may also employ for similar effects.

Thai Spa Cuisine

Spa cuisine is basically low fat, low salt and low sugar, so making it extremely healthy. These are the 3 essential points of what goes into Thai Spa Cuisine. On top of this, in order to reduce fat intake, Thai Spa Chefs use only the leanest meat and do not rely on oils. Many of the meals consist solely of fish, grains and pulses.

Besides the three lows, Thai Spa Cuisine provides only the freshest ingredients doused in a high level of intensity in flavors, so resulting in deliciousness. Even though there is no formal training available in regards to Thai Spa Cuisine, Thailand’s Spa Chefs are guided by selected dieticians and nutritionists who are considerably knowledgeable about the healthiest options possible. What is mandatory, however, is that the Spa Chefs, while dishing up their cuisine, do not slump into indifference and forget about the ultimate flavors. Flavors which are all so essential in allowing people to actually enjoy eating – some of these flavors involve ginger and lemongrass, the latter of which also assists in clearing the breathing tracts.

Spa Tourist’s Guide

Spa Etiquette

The staff should:

  • Give each and everyone of the clients total attention
  • Look like they really care
  • Offer a warm friendly greeting
  • Explain everything clearly
  • Use everything correctly during the procedure
  • Adhere to the correct techniques
  • Answer all question
  • Help with clothing

The visitor should

  • Arrive relatively on time
  • Choose between a male and female therapist
  • Do not hesitate to get nude in front of the therapist
  • Advise and give feedback to the therapist if needed
  • Explain any health complications
  • Avoid alcohol and cigarettes
  • Be quiet
  • Share your space kindly
  • Do not bring children
  • Share public space respectfully with other spa goers.
  • Do not bring animals/pets to the spa.
  • Give honest feedback to the therapist, owner, receptionist, etc.
  • Avoid any vigorous activity for a least one hour following all heat treatments

Safety and Healthy

Stay safe at Spa

Doctor Download: In the event of a medical treatment, such as a shot of Botox or laser skin resurfacing, from a spa, make sure to check that whoever is administering your procedure is an experienced, licensed physician or a well-trained nurse or physician’s assistant operating under a doctor’s supervision.

Good spas: A good spa will always ask a few questions to find out whether the visitor is physically all right.

Training: Check to see if the spa is a member of the local chamber of commerce and a trade association with a code of conduct.

Proper Protocol: Check the cosmetologist’s tools and the spa’s overall sanitary practices.

Compare Costs: Beware of bargain prices, if they are incredibly cheap the place could be a scam.

Ask Questions: Never be afraid to ask questions about a spa, its staff and the treatments being offered.

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