Bangkok – An Ideal Tourist Destination

  • Bangkok – An Ideal Tourist Destination
    By Paul N Hopkins

    Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and is also known as the “city of angels”. Very few are aware that Bangkok began as a small trading centre and port community.

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    While Bangkok signifies many things to many people, it is considered a shopping haven for most! Siam Square is central Bangkok’s famous shopping district, which has several large malls and side shops storing both local and international brands.

    Shopping in Bangkok is thrilling because you seem to be able to find whatever you want. The hustle of the street markets is what grabs your attention though.

    Here, you will get anything from gorgeous antiques to the latest mobile phones and designer jewellery.

    It is advisable to polish your bargaining skills, as it is something that will be of good use while street shopping!

    Bangkok is listed among the top 20 tourist hotspots in the world, with a majority of the foreign tourists arriving in Bangkok. There’s more to Bangkok than meets the eye, where there is a confluence of ancient art history and modern high-rises.

    Beautifully designed temples are all over Bangkok with Wat Phra Kaew and Wat Pho being the two most fantastic. Other famous tourist destinations within Bangkok are the national museum, Temple Mount, the Grand Palace, the Dusit Hall and the Zoo.

    Apart from 24 hour shopping and crowded tourist sites, Bangkok also offers a lot more. As a tourist visiting Bangkok, you can arrange for a guide or join a tour so that you are guided around the other attractive tourist sites. Two of the famous tourist sites are Sukhumvit road and Khao San Road.

    Another famous place to visit while in Bangkok is the Floating Market. It is a must-see, as you sit in long tail boats as they guide you through all their wares. The floating market is worth all the noise and the chaos and is a one hour’s drive southwest of Bangkok.

    Other places to visit are the Koh Kret, which is a small island on the Chao Phraya River and takes you away from the busy central Bangkok.

    Those visiting Bangkok often visit a place known as Pattaya. It is one of the nearest seaside cities located close to Bangkok, which at the same time is also famous for its hedonistic nightlife! Also, it is close enough to go for an overnight stay.

    Bangkok offers so many places to visit, and so many things to do, you will never be bored on your holiday! So book your tickets to Bangkok and visit this amazing place soon.

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