Trip to Bangkok

Trip to Bangkok By Billy Mark
Starting off at Wat Prakeaw or the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, it probably is the greatest scene for the visitor to Bangkok that you should not miss it. However, it is full of tourists during the day, it still very amazing place to visit. It consists of over 100 brightly colored architect, golden spires, glittering mosaics, and wall painting

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Bangkok is a paradise shopping place; the new one just open called Siam Paragon. It is in the heart of the city where all transportations stop here. Not only Siam Paragon but also Siam Discovery and Siam Square are mega shopping mall to consider for spending your money and that are located in the same area. They are wonderful place to shop for clothes, thai handicraft, designed furniture items but make sure you have a lot of money because prices are quite high.

Another popular thing is to cruise on Cho Praya River at night. There are many temples and houses along the river. On the cruise, there are full of international foods available and it is great interesting experience to explore you never forgot.

Cho Praya River is the main river in Thailand with its low river plain marking the mainland of the country.

Exploring nightlife in Bangkok is stunning. There are tons of restaurants, cafes, and pubs for you to choose from especially on Serom road where many tourists spend time; street shopping, excellent live music at the bar, clubs. It opens late evening till 2 am on the next day. I know it is short but in the same time it is relaxed and great fun.
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