Spa in Thailand – Introduction

Spa in Thailand – Introduction

The word “spa” probably comes from the name of the town Spa in Belgium.

East meets West, a spa is a place to go to treat and heal your mind, body and spirit using a variety of different techniques such as massage, scrubs, yoga, acupuncture, reike, reflexology, nutrition and body wraps etc.

Spa in Thailand
Spa in Thailand

Back ground / History of Spa in Thailand

Introduced in the early 1990s, spas in Thailand are a relatively new phenomenon-but one though, which has only very recently sky-rocketed in popularity. Not only are spas popular and fashionable with foreign tourists and expatriates, but the local Thais are also enjoying this new alternative therapy, one which is often ideal to ensure a smooth natural balance. A balance that has been rocked in Bangkok in particular by the unhealthy, serious life-styles and polluted environs. At first, spas were only to be found in 5-star hotels but they have now mushroomed everywhere.

Thailand: Asia’s Spa Capital

Thailand is a destination to indulge in this pastime therapy. The country prides itself in countless spas offering the highest world-class services at extremely reasonable rates. Much of the recent success of this therapy is due to the tremendous support given by the Thai Spa Operators Association. Not only have they assisted in the training of therapists to international standards, but they have also trained them in keeping methods traditionally and distinctively “Thai-style”. And it is this kind of service along with the one and only Thai Smile that are the key factors for so many visitors to revisit a Thai spa. Furthermore, most clients walk away from the spa with their head held high in the air with a feeling of rejuvenation and a well-being of mind, body and soul. Thai spas are not only quantity, but also quality. Spas can be found at all the major tourist destinations in Thailand such as: Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Ko Samui, Chiang Mai and Hua Hin.

Facts and Stats

During the years 2000-2002, the growth of the spa industry in Thailand rocketed by an exhilarating 64% and since 1999 Thailand has secured itself a top-5 world rating. In fact, Thailand is the second highest ranked spa destination of the world with an overall grade of 93%+ (just slightly behind Australia).

Chiva Som International Health Resort located in Hua Hin, is ranked number one in the world while the Regent Chiang Mai Resort and Spa is ninth.

During the period June 2001 – June 2002, 230 operators serviced 2.5 million international clients, creating revenue of $85 million. This amount well exceeds that of competitive countries, such as Singapore ($35 million) and Australia ($15 million). In total, 79% of all clients were foreigners.

Services and Hospitality

Thailand is a friendly country and a must-go for all those who enjoy nothing more than a rejuvenating spa. The country is famed for its world-class natural healing techniques and especially Thai massage. For those who appreciate the authentic Thai way of life, there are numerous home-stays, including those in the unique hill tribe villages of the north.

Thailand, home of Theravada Buddhism, is the ideal location to do a bit of spiritual soul-searching and reap the benefits of Vipassana meditation, a technique which has exploded in popularity in Western countries. Then, there is the sumptuous cuisine to wine and dine on, with cooking classes available too.

Reasons for Thailand’s spa popularity

Well, for one, they are rather different to the ones found in the West. The spas in Thailand are based on the deep-rooted harmony of Buddhist teaching, so creating an inner spiritual calm, complementing the equation of mind, spirit and body. Meditation is also used. Spas in Thailand have an altogether very Thai touch embodied upon a time-honoured healing tradition based on herbal and holistic remedies and generations of folk wisdom.

Thailand also offers award winning service at reasonable rates and makes a beautiful spot for a holiday vacation.

Reasons why most people go to a spa in Thailand

Thailand prides itself as having some of the finest spas in the world offering services at extremely competitive rates. Since Thailand has never been colonialized, the original culture has remained embedded within society and foreign visitors will find the Thais very hospitable and friendly.

Not only does Thailand, boast some of the most dazzling islands and beaches in the world, but also year-long sunshine; perfect for those who wish to get a lovely shiny suntan.

Thailand has an abundance of reasonably priced top quality accommodation where for the equivalent price of a completely basic home-stay in Europe, visitors to Thailand can enjoy the luxury of a four-star hotel. Then to top that off, they can soothe their aching minds with ancient Buddhist a meditation technique, qi gong, tai chi, solar bath and yoga.

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