Things To Do In Bangkok

Things To Do In Bangkok
Bangkok is an increasingly popular tourist location for people from all over the world. It brings up visions of sandy beaches, sunny skies and ancient temples. It is a place where western practicality meets eastern mysticism and the modern rubs shoulders with spirituality and traditionalism. The Bangkok accommodationis also a big draw.

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The influx of tourists has ensured that Bangkok caters to all tastes and therefore offers accommodation in all ranges. From the very up market to cheap youth dormitories, Bangkok accommodationhas it all.

Whatever your budget, choose the place where you stay with care keeping in mind your sightseeing interests. Make sure your Bangkok cheap hotel is relatively close to the main areas you want to cover. At the very least, the Bangkok accommodationyou choose should be within walking distance of a Metro or BTS skyline station.

Explore an Ancient City
A good way to orient yourself to Bangkok is to take a canal ride or a ferry. Be prepared for a sensory overload. Along the way you will see the majestic Grand Palace and Wat Pho. The Chao Phraya River has many ferries and a ferry ride by night is a must. There are also many day trips you can take from Bangkok. All Bangkok cheap hotelswill organize or be happy to recommend tours or agents to help you.

After having satisfied your cultural thirst but visiting the awe-inspiring Grand Palace and some of the impressive and spiritual Watts, you can get down to satisfying your material instincts. Bangkok is a shopper’s paradise. In this area as well there is a wide range of offerings and you can buy as cheap or expensive as you like. Beware of touts selling anything. Some of the things they might offer are VIP tours, tickets and gem stones.

Chances are, like many people, you are staying in a Bangkok cheap hotel your shopping tastes run to the cheap as well. In such cases, there is no better place than Bangkok. You can buy pretty much anything at the famed night markets and the fantastic Chatuchak weekend market. Chatuchak is an experience in itself so be sure you don’t miss it.

Finally, at the end of the day, go back to your hotel and ask for a Thai massage. Go ahead and treat yourself after all that walking. After all you have saved by booking into one of the cheap Bangkok hotels.

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